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I can't say I had much luck with learning to drive until I met Stef. She helped me gain that bit of confidence I was missing, polish my manoeuvres to a decent exam standard, stop panicking when reverse parking into a bay, and finally get over the fear of those horrible roundabouts around Sidcup!


No effort was spared to help me pass the exam and, more importantly, become a good driver - her classes structured and planned in advance, her approach personalised and the additional printed materials (maps, diagrams etc.) customised to my specific needs. So yes when I passed this exam one sunny day I knew who to thank!!!            


Apart from being highly professional in her attitude and ethics Stef is also an incredibly nice person to be around. So yes, Stef comes highly recommended to anyone who is just starting or continuing to learn. Additional bonus is a nice new car (very compact manual Kia which is pleasure to drive) and a chief mock-examiner Tom  (who was so genuinely believable during my mock that a real exam a few weeks later wasn’t at all as nerve wrecking as they say!)


Maria May 2015


Congratulations on your pass at West Wickham!


Emma October 2015


Stef is a great driving instructor, who is very patient and understanding, when learning to drive you are always given positive reassurance. Stef always makes you feel calm behind the wheel and helps make learning to drive easy and so much fun. Thank you very much Stef for helping me pass first time. Ryan 2016


Ryan March 2016


From Jane:

Stef is a very responsible tutor. She taught me step by step to make sure I grasped all the points, in an organised manner. She identified my weaknesses during the process and helped me corrected them. Whatsoever, she is also very patient - If I couldn’t drive well, she would give me enough time to practice again and again until I overcame it. By the way, she is such a lovely lady, you will definitely not feel nervous or boring.


From Alex:

I was trained by another tutor initially. While since I felt the way he taught did not work on me at all, I changed to Stef halfway though, following my wife's (who passed the exam earlier by Stef's training as well) recommendation. Today I passed the practical exam with Stef's help (and also Tom's, who gave me a mock test once :) and would like to take this opportunity to have my comments on her teaching:

Professionalism: as a driving instructor, I would say the way she's teaching is heuristic - taught what she needs, left me time to digest and revisted regularly; Needless to say, she will never push you too hard to enjoy driving.

The training diagrams, materials (including toy cars!) and mock tests are all very well prepared and tailored to me.

Since I am working tough hours during weekdays and only weekends are available for training, Stef made herself available to accommodate this, which I really appreciate (personally don't think there are a lot tutors can do two days during weekend).


Punctuality: one of the reasons I switched the tutor was my previous was late by 15-20 minutes on average nearly every single lesson. While Stef always show up on time (actually she came at least 5 minutes earlier than scheduled). 


Personality: while I only say this since I think I've known Stef enough though months of learning. Stef is a nice lady to get along with, I was always encouraged (and forgiven) by her even I made really silly mistakes sometimes.


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